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Poetic Justice

"Painting A Picture With Your Magickal Words."

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This is an open membership club! So just click the link to join! I just got a few rules that I expect all to follow...

1) No making fun of other peoples poetry! Creative comments is one thing, but being mean and down right rude is another! ALWAYS BE NICE!
"If you dont got ne thing nice to say, dont say ne thing at all!"

2) This is a poetry club, so... all I ask is... just post poetry, where we talk is in the comment section of it all!

3) If you abuse the privilge of being in the club, I reserve the right to boot u out!

I will allow swearing, since is a part of life. X, XX, XXX, ect. rate stuff is ok. I figure if someone doesnt want to read it they can pass it by.

Now, last but not least... this isnt just restricted to poems... inserts to a story that u wrote, or a story type of poem and ect. are ACCEPTED!

So now, just sit back n relax! I hope u like it in the community!

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